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DEET is the best place for you to find what you are looking for. The app's clever and adaptive algorithms ensure recommendations that are specific to your search. Catch city’s top companies looking at you with a simple right swipe!


Easy Matching

You are only a match away from turning your career around. DEET works on a simple concept of swiping left and right. Swipe right to a job that you are interested in and see if it’s a match. Remember, it’s only a match when the interest is mutual!


Say What’s Up

Get in touch with your matches with DEET’s in-app messenger. Learn more about the job requirements, work environment, and other details. When you come across something you like, swipe right and see what the future has in store for you.

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Key Features

Explore unlimited jobs, from your mobile phone. Get access to exciting new opportunities in any location across the country!

DEET interface

Easy To Use Interface

When you see something you like, swipe right and vice-versa.

DEET mobile

Jobs On-The-Go

Carry your job search from anywhere through the mobile app.

DEET messenger

In-App Messenger

Connect with match employers, instantly!

DEET access

Instant Access

Once it’s a match, you can connect with the employer with a quick chat.

DEET jobs

Relevant Jobs

An intelligent algorithm that shows the best of results.

DEET Security

Privacy & Security

Protect your personal details, you can control what you share.

Our users love their successes

I never knew that Job search would be this easy. DEET - Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana helps jobseekers find the most suitable jobs according to their skills and degree . DEET is an easy-to-use platform where swiping right can get you your dream job. Finding a job has never been this easy!


V Pranay Raj

DEET has made online job search really easy. It is the best mobile job search portal in India which helps freshers like us get closer to our dream jobs. I have been following the regular government job notifications posted by the DEET platform. It has been a great experience with the opportunities brought down by DEET so far.


Sai Priyanka Gattu

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