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Profiles That Matter

Deet understands that you are busy building your company and is here to help you save time in finding the right talent. The app only shows you those profiles that are relevant to your requirement.


Game, Set, Match

Deet helps you match with qualified professionals, instantly. It’s about time we said goodbye to ignored e-mails, zero-response applications, and cold-callings. Match with a candidate that is perfect for your company at your fingertips.


Get In Touch

Deet makes it possible for you to connect with possible candidates with its in-app messenger. This is a great place to exchange information that goes beyond resumes, and job requirements. Getting and staying in touch with a possible candidate has never been this simple.

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Key Features

It’s the recruitment platform of the future!


Simple Interface

Swipe right to like a candidate profile, left otherwise.


Two-Level Matching

Get matches based on candidate’s qualification, as well as their interest in joining your company.


In-App Messenger

Connect with matched candidates, instantly.


Free Jobs To Post

Create a profile, and post any number of individual jobs you might need.


High Quality Results

Relevance matters most. If it doesn’t suit your requirement, you won’t see it.


Desktop Dashboard

Access dashboard from both mobile and desktop.

Our users love their successes

I was impressed with DEET. We can identify talent instantly and get in touch with the job-seekers. Great initiative from Government of Telangana to help companies find talent easily.


Sneha Maloo


Finding the right talent has never been this easy!

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